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Tinycards and Duolingo Streaks

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Hi, IS there a way such that being active in TinyCards keeps the Duolingo streak alive? Bots currently support this.

1 year ago



I think that since TinyCards is sorta just a different way of learning made by duolingo, it should count. Good thinking : )

1 year ago


I haven't used TinyCards enough yet to know if this is a good idea. One concern is whether someone could write a bot to play TinyCards and keep one's streak alive.

1 year ago

[deactivated user]

    There are pictures on the cards, so it would be quite difficult to do that.

    EditDelete1 year ago


    I try not to underestimate the ability of hackers to write bots.

    1 year ago


    Collecting tons of XP and lingots could be a huge motivator in developing a bot to cheat the system, I agree that such a course of action would be inviting disaster.

    1 year ago


    Hello! You can now earn XP for studying Duolingo content in Tinycards: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27819336 The XP you earn in Tinycards counts towards your streak in Duolingo.

    For now, this feature is only available on web and Android but we plan on bringing it to iOS soon.

    2 months ago