"Your doctor"

Translation:Daktari wako

March 3, 2017

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Why not "wenu"?


"Wenu" is the possessive pronoun for the plural "you" while "wako" is the possessive pronoun for the singular "you." As far as I know you should be able to use both here.


Wiktionary says that daktari is from Ji/Ma class. Plural is madaktari. Shouldn't this be daktari lako?

Or if it's N/N shouldn't it be daktari yako?


Generally, adjectives describing living things receive the M/WA class prefixes no matter what the actual noun class is. However, N/N class nouns generally still use the y-/z- possessives to show plurality. Daktari is JI/MA, so it becomes Madaktari in the plural. Because of that, the plural possessive isn't necessary. You can tell just from looking at the noun whether it is singular or plural.

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