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  5. "Αυτή έχει ένα λεμόνι."

"Αυτή έχει ένα λεμόνι."

Translation:She has one lemon.

March 3, 2017



Why "she has one lemon" instead of "a lemon"?


Both "She has one lemon" and "She has a lemon" are possible translations.


Why can't I use "She is" instead of "She's?"


Because αυτή έχει means "she has".

The lesson does not have the form "she's" in it, but Duolingo unfortunately sometimes automatically creates contractions even when they are confusing.

"She has" can contract to "she's" in a sentence such as "she has told me already = she's told me already" -- but not usually in a sentence such as "she has a lemon" which I don't think many would say as "she's a lemon". Unfortunately Duo doesn't know about these finer points of English grammar so you might see "she's" for "she has" sometimes.

It does not mean "she is" in this sentence.


I understand now. She has.


Duolingo, it is better not to use abbreviations!

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