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  5. "How is he?"

"How is he?"


March 3, 2017



I understand that the course is new and we need to report problems, but this is really annoying to not know the language, try trust the hints, and be completely wrong.


Can I say : "Habri ya yeye?"


"Habari yake?" would ask about "his news?" and is equally acceptable, yes.


Swahaili is also a highly adapted language with many dialiects. Even among accepted dialects, some words have multiple meanings. This is why they are repeating different vocabulary options.


I don't quite understand this... what do these prefixes come from? Hajambo, Hamjambo, Hatujambo... looking at the tips and notes still doesn't really help me. I think it might have something to do with the person you're asking about (how is he versus how are you, that sort of thing), but I'm not sure. Can somebody help out?


This page helps: https://swahilicheatsheet.com/

Apparently this -jambo word-phrase follows the pattern for negative sentences /verb negation (which was confusing me). They are all a greeting (like when we say how are you? Or howzit? But maybe really just mean hello) but if you add a question mark they could be translated as “how are you?”.

  • mimi => sijambo
  • wewe => hujambo? = how are you?
  • yeye => hajambo? = how is (s)he?
  • sisi => hatujambo? = how are we?
  • ninyi => hamjambo? = how are you? (>1 of you)
  • wao => hawajambo? = how are they?

Hope this helps a few people who were also wondering.


i think the "notes" for ha- ham- hatu- may be in a different section or lesson --- because somewhere i have seen a helpful chart with how it works, with exapmles. Keep searchin' the notes!


Shouldn't it be 'Habari yake'? Hajambo means Hi or how are you, not how is he! But 'habari ya yeye' would definitly not be right.


"Habari yake?" is perfectly right; "Hajambo?" as a greeting does have the function of "How is he?" in English though. "HUjambo?" is "How are you?"


Juma hujambo was right but now hajambo. Why is that? Greets is Juma female and hajambo male?


nothing in Swahili is gendered. 'Hujambo' is used in the 2nd person, i.e. directly asking someone how they are. 'Hajambo' is asking about someone else (3rd person, singular)

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