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  5. "May I come in?"

"May I come in?"

Translation:Hodi !

March 3, 2017



Why it accept " may I come in" as transilation for " hodi hodi" and the inverse?


Why not "hodi hodi"?


Its a bit like "can in come in?" Where you respond "come in" or when a person says okay? And you respond "ok". The tone is a bit important here


Sorry, I have to disagree: Hodi is used in front of a person's house/gate/door as a request to enter - you wait for "Karibu" (Welcome - come in) or "Subiri kidogo." (wait a second). That is the only context. It is generally spoken in a louder tone (and as a statement, always).


When I had "hodi hodi" it gave the translation as "knock knock".

I met this question in a strengthen exercise - and it is the first time I've seen "May I come in?". Shouldn't we meeat phrases such as these in lessons first?


When I hover over the phrase "May I come in?" it gives "ninakuja" as a possible meaning but when I type that in it says it's wrong and only "hodi" is acceptable!!!


Report it, that shouldn't be - that's wrong/badly implemented in this case.


i guess they're working out the gliches...

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