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A travel map for Duolingans

Hi everyone, here's a map I'm working on (3rd version with suggested edits):

The idea is that it shows which most-spoken languages you can learn on Duolingo from english. Or to be more specific, it shows where in the world you can go and speak the most-spoken language of the population solely using a Duolingo course. Green indicates a course on Duolingo, orange indicates a course in the incubator.

This is not the same as official languages or majority languages - I'm only counting the most-spoken language of each country.

It's a work in progress, so feel free to point out any mistakes or additions, and I'll update the map as we go! Hope it's useful.

March 4, 2017



Oh ok....Thanks! Great idea! :)


This is awesome! I'm so excited about Japanese and korean finally being in the incubator!


cool thats awesome thanks!!!


Cool! I am sticking to english only courses for the moment. Am interested in Greenland stats.


Great map! However the majority of the North West of Africa should also be green as French is widely spoken in the region, either as an official language or as a language of business.


I've coloured Benin as green, because 35% of the population speak French compared with indigenous languages which are 24% or less. Unless I can find similar statistics for other West African countries, I'm going to assume French is not the most spoken language, despite being official and used in many.

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