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Namibian languages

Hey all! I would really love to see Namibian languages taught on Duolingo. I know there are many people who would love to learn the languages spoken by the Aawambo i.e Oshikwanyama and Ndonga but what other languages would you like to see on here? We have Rukwangali, Herero, Nama/Damara, Tswana, etc. How many of you are interested in learning these Namibian languages, or any African ones in general? If you are, which ones would you learn?

March 4, 2017



Yes we have many people who are learning oshiwambo in namibia who need a platform such as this to practice their skills


I'm already learning Swahili (slowly). In case you don't know it's already on Duolingo.


Yes I recently noticed Swahili, it's awesome they finally added it. Still I would love to see them add more African languages because there is such a huge number of potential learners :-)


I want to learn Oshiwambo!!! It would be awesome if Duolingo made this possible

[deactivated user]

    I really do hope Duolingo gets more African languages! I'd really like for there to be Tswana, Zulu or Xhosa.


    You can check this post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15014194 and add your vote to the existing discussions (Tswana already has one, for example). If you want to request another language, you can make a post and ask Lrtward to add it to the guide.


    Thank you so much, I will check it out.


    These new articles have a little more on Duolingo maybe adding more African languages in the future, and both mention Zulu:





    Thank you, the articles certainly give important points to think about for those us proposing new langueages


    I would love to learn Oshiwambo. I've tried looking for apps and sites, but it would be nice if Duolingo would list the language as it is just no. 1 to me. Learning is easy, comprehendsive and fun. If Oshiwambo gets listed, please let me know. As a Namibian it would be nice to speak a local language other than English, German or Afrikaans. I feel that it would connect people more. Damara would also be awesome.

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