"You all are boys."

Translation:Voi siete ragazzi.

February 24, 2013

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I believe Voi is plural in itself. Tu is also the same word, but by using it you are referring to an individual. Since English dose not have a plural for the word you, you either assume plurality from the context or situation or a noun may indicate it. I believe duolingo has translated it as you all, to better represent the fact that the object of the sentence is a group of boys.


voi tutto siete ragazzi (you all are boys) why its wrong? where we can use (all) " tutto " , " tutti " , " tutte "


In this case "You all are boys" would be "Tutti voi siete ragazzi" or "Voi tutti siete ragazzi".

I think that "all" is not translated because English has two meanings for the word "you", both singular and plural, and "You all" could be used to state that is plural, but I am no native English, so I could be wrong. ;)


I translated "You all are boys" into "Voi siete ragazzi." and was told I was correct. I'm confused because the above comments suggest using a variation of "tutti".


Voi siete ragazzi is correct.

You could also use "Voi tutti siete ragazzi" but it is not necessary to use tutti in this case. Voi is plural by itself.


i don't understand i have to change tutto depending of the person?


I wrote "tutti quanti sono ragazzi", can someone explain why this wasn't accepted


Quanti means (how) many. So, what you wrote is wrong.


You cant translate english directly into a romance language, its different diction and linguistics altogether


You are right!

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