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Do you keep all of your tree gold?

When I first started on Duolingo a few years ago, I would not bother keeping all of the lessons gold. However, this time around I make sure that before I learn anything new, I always strengthen any skills that are not gold. I'm about half way through the tree and on average I have to strengthen about 1.5 lessons per day.

How do you manage your lessons? All gold or not?

March 4, 2017



I try my best to maintain the strength of my skills; I can't stand seeing one that isn't gold without having the urge to fix it. Besides, the weakened skills show you when it's time to practice, so I take Duo's word and review a skill as soon as I notice that the strength has gone down!


I move on to new lessons and then on the days where i am not as motivated i review and strengthen my other skills. Sometimes it gets to repetitive to keep everything gold.


I try to keep all of my tree gold


Same. Whenever I get back from vacation I work hard to get my Spanish tree golden again.


I try to keep all of the lessons strengthened. I do 2-4 strengthenings a day, and if I'm tired of just doing that, I switch to a different language (because my French tree is the only one that's finished).


I do the "all gold" tactic. If it is golden, then I trust Duolingo and assume I have it retained for now. If it isn't golden, then it needs to be reviewed before I go any further.


When I first started duolingo I was not interested in it all, but then I realized that you could compete with friends and then I got really into it and I started finishing all the activities and when I see that my trees is not golden I go and do the activities so that the Spanish tree can remain golden and it is an easy way to get XP while trying to keep the Tree golden.


I try to get my (still incomplete) tree back to gold before starting a new lesson. I find that doing those reviews (usually 3-7 nodes/day) helps me fill in the gaps I missed the first time around.

I've got 18 nodes left in the tree as of this afternoon, I"m hoping to have it finished in 3-4 weeks.


It's not like I'm as far as some people (and I only do one language), but I try and keep them full gold. I didn't at first and it took me soooo long to get them all back up.


I try and strengthen my lessons everyday and keep my tree gold


I try to, but I don't always manage. Any break of a week or longer will usually result in a colourful tree. With Swedish, Spanish and Dutch I have managed to get them to decay slower, so they now tend to stay gold even after a holiday, but it took me about 1.5 years to get to that point. I followed someone else's suggestion and do at least two general skill strengthens every day (or, since those tend to focus on the early skills, I go through the tree from the bottom up) and after about a year of doing that, a two-week holiday will no longer result in a decayed tree. I have not yet managed to get there in my other languages.


How do you keep your streak going during your vacation? During vacation I do not do any lessons so the strategy I have adopted is to access my browser everyday first thing in the morning and buy a streak freeze to replace the one that was used up the previous day. But once when I did not have internet access, I lost my streak. Is there any way we can buy many streak freezes in advance instead of just one at a time?


why not just lower the daily goal during your hols and just do a quick review or a chat instead of buying a streak freeze? probably only takes an extra 5 mins?


well... i only learn one language. Level 19 german seems so far away


I must say it is kinda demoralizing to keep them golden coz they change their color so fast. I am planning to make them gold when I will complete my skill tree.


Never gold! I tried to keep them gold, but one day like 18 of them changed from gold, that's when I gave up keeping them gold.


I have tried but it is such a PAIN!

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