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  5. "Pineapple for juice"

"Pineapple for juice"

Translation:Nanasi la juisi

March 4, 2017



What is the difference between "kwa" and "la"?

(The hint gives "kwa" as translation for "for")


la is basically "of", so it's basically "juice pineapple"

I'm not positive, but I think "kwa" is always adverbial, meaning "with", "at", "to" etc, relating to the whole sentence, whereas the other -a words always refer back to the previous noun.


Finally, I can't hold myself back anymore with this word juisi. It must be a Kenyan thing. In Tanzania the translation for (fruit) juice is: Maji ya matunda.


My Kenyan fiancee says maji ya matunda too. She thought juisi was a Tanzanian thing...

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