"The color of the glass is yellow."

Translation:Culoarea paharului este galbenă.

March 4, 2017

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I got this as a multiple choice question and the two correct answers were:

"Culoarea paharului e galben"

"Culoarea paharului e galbenă.

Why are both "galben" and "galbenă" possible here? What's the difference between the two?


This is subtle:
In the first case, "galben" is a noun and represents the name of the color "yellow".
In the second case, "galbenă" is an adjective which describes the color of the glass. Because "culoare" is feminine, the "-ă" is added for gender agreement.


I can understand why the latter possibility is acceptable, but not the former... I guess I just have to accept it. Thank you.


Corect este: Culoarea paharului este galben.

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