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  5. "Jumla shilingi ngapi?"

"Jumla shilingi ngapi?"

Translation:How much in total?

March 4, 2017



I said "How many shillings is the total?", which sounds right to me. I reported it.


"in total" sounds more natural to me. It was accepted.


Jumla comes from Arabic جُمْلَة (jumla, "series, whole range, collectivity; sentence").


Why not "Jumla NI shilingi ngapi?"


The linking verb 'be' is frequently dropped in kiSwahili, like in Jina lako nani/Jina langu Said.


Helping verbs seem to be somewhat exclusive to english...at least as far as i can see. Maybe this is the situation here? Maybe not.

As a native english speaker i do see "is" as necessary...like mentioning the existence of a thing is required to inquire about it. My swahili isnt great...neither is my english. Maybe "is" isnt a "helping verb" in this case and thats why we really want it to be there. I dont know. Maybe im off base.


The official answer makes no reference to price/money NKT 'how much is the total price' is apparently wrong. In the UK they might say, "What does that come to?"


The pronunciation is very poor. The speaker does not sound clear, he sound like Juna shilingi ngapi. I had to replay several times

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