"The child has a temperature of thirty eight degrees Celsius."

Translation:Copilul are o temperatură de treizeci și opt de grade celsius.

March 4, 2017

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What are the rules for using "de" between a number and a noun?

Here the recommended translation has "treizeci și opt de grade", but "treizeci și opt grade" was accepted.

In some questions with number+noun an answer with "de" is expected and an answer without "de" is rejected. In other questions an answer without "de" is expected and an answer with "de" is expected. Should they always both be allowed, or are there some contexts where you have to use one or the other?


This is a somewhat wacky rule: in its simplest form, all numbers below 20 omit the preposition "de", and all numbers above it require it.
You can find the complete rules here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romanian_numbers#Preposition_de


What about the number 20 itself?


Yes, 20 requires the preposition "de".

You need to look at the last 2 digits of the number.
If they are in the interval [01 ; 19] no preposition is needed.
If they are "00" or in the interval [20 ; 99], preposition "de" is required between the numeral and the noun it counts. Numeral "0" needs no preposition.
e.g.: 0 grade celsius,
1 grad celsius,
2 grade celsius,
19 grade celsius,
20 de grade celsius,
99 de grade celsius,
100 de grade celsius,
101 grade celsius,
119 grade celsius,
120 de grade celsius,
199 de grade celsius,
378201 grade celsius,
547293 de grade celsius etc.
I hope this covers all positive integers. The same story for the negative numbers. Celsius scale is limited though. :P


I was given three options, where the two "correct" solutions were

Correct solutions: Copilul are temperatura de treizeci și opt grade celsius. Copilul are o temperatură de treizeci și opt grade celsius.

Third option was: Copilul are o temperatură de treizeci și opt de gradele celsius.

but neither of them contains "de" in "treizeci și opt de grade celsius"... Why would these be considered correct answers then based on the discussions below about when to use "de"?


Nobody is perfect... But we can report the mistakes and, hopefully, someone will take those reports into consideration.

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