March 4, 2017



In case you're curious as I was, one mushroom is apparently a madarchen (feminine, thus un fadarchen "one mushroom").

Gweiadur doesn't list the singulative unfortunately, but the other dictionaries I consulted (GPC, Geiriadur yr Academi, Bangor, Trinity St David) agree on madarchen.

March 4, 2017


Good point. And singulatives ending in -en are feminine, hence the soft mutation after un "one" (except for ll and rh).

madarch "mushrooms" > madarchen "mushroom" > un fadarchen "one mushroom"

coed "trees" > coeden "tree" > un goeden "one tree"

dail "leaves" > deilen "leaf" > un ddeilen "one leaf"

but: rhedyn "ferns" > rhedynen "fern" > un rhedynen "one fern"

Singulatives ending in -yn are masculine and so there's no mutation after un.

moch "pigs" > mochyn "pig" > un mochyn "one pig"

plant "children" > plentyn "child" > un plentyn "one child"

blew "hair(s)" > blewyn "(a) hair" > un blewyn "one hair"

March 4, 2017


Beth am bachgen? Just kidding, it "feels" like a singulative :)

November 11, 2017
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