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  5. "Церкви, мечеті і синагоги"

"Церкви, мечеті і синагоги"

Translation:Churches, mosques and synagogues

March 4, 2017



Please refer to my question here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/21057334

Why is церквИ spelled with an 'и' but мечетІ with an 'і' and синагоги that way instead of сінагоги or синагогі or сінагогі??

[deactivated user]

    They belong to different word-inflection patterns.

    Мечеть 'mosque' ends in a soft consonant in nominative singular, so it takes -і in nominative plural.

    Синагога 'synagogue' and церква 'church' end in -а in nominative singular, so they take -и in nominative plural (although they are not completely same, because синагога has -г- in the end of the stem which sometimes causes differences in declension, namely it can become -з- before -і: compare в церкві 'in a/the church' vs. в синагозі 'in a/the synagogue').


    Thanks, I'll have to pay more attention to how the nouns end in the nominative.

    So plural is церкви but the ablative singular is в церкві.. another thing to memorise!

    [deactivated user]

      Locative singular (it’s not usually called ablative) is -і for practically any noun:

      • у це́ркві 'in a Christian church',
      • у мече́ті 'in a mosque',
      • у синаго́зі 'in a synagogue',
      • у косте́лі 'in a Polish Caltholic church',
      • у кірсі 'in a Lutheran church',
      • у хра́мі 'in a temple [of any religion]',
      • у молито́вному до́мі 'in a [Protestant] prayer house',
      • у капли́ці 'in a chapel',
      • у собо́рі 'in a cathedral',
      • у па́годі 'in a pagoda',
      • у сту́пі 'in a stupa',
      • у ка́пищі 'in a pagan temple',
      • у святи́лищі 'in a sanctuary'.

      The only exception I can think of are indeclinable nouns.


      The only exception I can think of are indeclinable nouns.

      Він у саду?


      Дякую Шєрая Жаба за ці приклади!


      Why do religions play an extremely big role for Ukrainians?

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