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Can we please have latin? It is a very fundamental language and can help people learn other languages. That would be great.

4 years ago



Considering the primary goal of Duolingo was to translate the web (see this TED talk) and Latin is not really present on the internet, I would say it's not a top priority language. Now ultimately, that doesn't even matter since users can actually create courses via the incubator! So yes, we can have Latin. It's up to us to make the course though.

4 years ago


I really want this course to be created! I've had many years of Latin and it would be very encouraging to see how far down the skill tree I could get.

4 years ago


I want Latin.I am learning a bit of it though.

4 years ago


Seeing how quite a few european languages have a lot to do with it (sprang from it/were heavily influenced by it) I think it would be a great idea. Also in some countries both Latin and ancient Greek are still taught in high schools and universities, so a proper course would be of practical value even for those who aren't simply after the learning of new languages for fun.

4 years ago


Yes it would be nice o learn Latin mabe one day they will have it it depends on us If your a Christian you can pray for Latin:) I am praying for latin if it is Gods will it will be answered:)

4 years ago


I really want Latin on this site! I'm a beginner at Latin and I want to learn more!

4 years ago


Yeah, I really need to learn latin!

2 years ago