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  5. "Dette gamle huset"

"Dette gamle huset"

Translation:This old house

March 4, 2017



Med Norm Abram og Tom Silva!


First thing I thought of when I saw this sentence. :D


Why there is gamle and not gammelt?


If i'm not wrong than because of sentence! It is in definite form...


But when you ask how old the house is you use 'gammelt' and the definitive form 'huset'...


i'm no grammar expert but i think it's the difference between predicative and attributive expressions.

predicative: the house is old -> huset er gammelt

attributive: the old house -> det gamle huset

if it's an attributive statement in definitive form, you use the plural form of the adjective.

probably the easier thing to remember is just that if the adjective is in between 'den', 'det', 'dette', 'denne', 'disse' or 'de' and a noun, it should be in plural form.


the little house = det lille huset
the little houses = de små husene


This is for people who have this question who are seeing this thread, but I believe that liten, lita, lite, lille, and små are all used to describe small but are used in different cases.

Liten (m.), lita (f.), and lite (n.) are used for "general" objects that in english is basically "A..." ex. a small house = et lite hus

Lille is used for a specific object. In english which would be "The..." ex. the small house = det lille huset

Små is used for plural objects. Ex. the little houses = de små husene.

Hopes this helps anyone who sees this thread. :)


... is getting shaky

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