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"Twoja córka została dobrze wychowana."

Translation:Your daughter has been raised well.

March 4, 2017



'was' or 'has been'? 'Your daughter was raised well' implies in English that something has happened to her since... which is why we would use 'has been'. 'Your daughter has been well brought up' implies that it has happened but she is still well behaved ;-) Is 'has been' grammatically wrong, and if so what is the translation? Thanks.


Both worked already. I will change the main answer to "has been".


The same connotation is valid in Polish for "była dobrze wychowana". What happened to her? Well, she went to college :-)


Are byl and zostal interchangable?


No, they aren't. "Zostać" is more like "become".

Imperfective actions require the verb "być" followed by the imperfective past participle: List jest pisany przez mamę.

Perfective actions require the verb "zostać" followed by the perfective past participle: List został napisany przez mamę.


thankyou! thats a hard one to remember but i think ill get there in the end haha!


But "Twoja córka była dobrze wychowana" is also correct but it says what she was like rather than that she was made such.


that makes more sense to me now! thank you, this is helpful!


in a not word -for word context, can the polish sentence be translated by "your daughter is well-bred". It sounds more natural to me to say it


OK for "well-bred", but your version is simply "jest dobrze wychowana" and not "została dobrze wychowana", which is in Past Tense (like 'became well-bred because you brought her up well').


This may be regional difference (I speak BrE) but 'well-bred' says as much to me about social class as about upbringing, if not more. 'Bred' from 'breeding'... It's not a phrase I would care to use: implies to me some snobbery, rather than simply approval of someone with good manners.


Did not let me use "Your daughter was well brought up." Why?


I see that this is an accepted answer, it should have worked.


'Raised' is colloquial; 'brought up' is more proper.


I was told that in American English both are perfectly fine.


'Perfectly' is a slight exaggeration.

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