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How I Handle Multiple Languages and How Long it Takes Me

Bonjour wonderful people!

One of the questions I usually get asked is how I study so many languages at the same time despite my busy schedule.

First, the big thing I do is... I don't procrastinate when it comes to French. Once I wake up, I turn on my phone, and at least do one lesson (takes about 30 seconds to a minute since I'm pretty good at it now). And before I sleep, I usually do at least one lesson as well. This is good as sometimes you have awful or busy days and you may not want to do much studying, but at least you made sure you did one. Besides that, here is a look at my daily routines and how long it takes me during certain days:

  • Monday through Thursday: Work on ALL of my non-golden French lessons (if you do this every day, it doesn't get to be so much), do (or redo) a Spanish lesson, do a Spanish strengthening lesson, work on my French to English tree by completing (or redoing) a lesson. Once in a while (I try not to do this as it messes with my French and Spanish), I will work on another one of my languages for fun, or just to give my brain a rest from seeing French and Spanish all the time. All of this takes me up to 30 minutes (Sometimes just 15 minutes in one day!). Honestly, sometimes I'm on a roll and work on lessons for up to an hour.

  • Friday and Saturday: I do the same as Monday through Thursday but now I add German! Doing all this takes me about 1 hour or less.

  • Sunday: Either I take a rest from French, Spanish, and German by doing one lesson in any of my other languages and rest for the rest of the day (resting is good as you don't want to make your main language tedious or seem like work); or what I usually do is my Friday and Saturday routine and include working on another language I am studying (like Polish or Japanese [I'm using the app Memrise for that one]). This takes me about 1.5 to 2 hours.

And there you have it! Sure, it takes so long to be fluent in a language when I'm studying so many, but I enjoy it, and isn't that what language learning is about?

How about you? What is your routine and how long does it take to complete your routine?

Happy language learning, NtateNarin

  • I forgot to mention I use other resources and apps as well, like Tiny Cards, Rosetta Stone, Lingvist, watching YouTube videos, books, etc., which is why my EXP isn't as high on certain days as it should be on Duolingo.
March 4, 2017


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I always do a lesson during my breakfast or right after breakfast. It became like a habit already. Then I do some lessons or strethening skills during the day if I have time. And of course I also use other resources. What languages are you fluent in?

March 4, 2017


I do that too sometimes! Usually eating with one hand, and Duolingo in the other. The language I'm closest to fluency is French, although when I tried reading a French novel, I can definitely say that I still have a lot to learn.

Thanks for sharing Anno-Domini and I wish you the best in your language learning! :-)

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Currently this is my routine which I have no horary to do it, but I do it during the day: First I open the programme Anki and I study the English Deck, after that I do one strengthening lesson always as timed practice. And after that I do the same but with Esperanto.

So after I have finished to study English and Esperanto (my priority languages) I can study a little bit of the other languages: Russian, Portuguese, French, etc.. Or if I am tired I can chose not to study them, but I have to study my priority languages everyday.

To practise English I see cartoons right here www.watchcartoononline.io . And to practise Esperanto I see Youtuber Evildea's videos or I simply read a Wikipedia's article in Esperanto.


You're English is really good Hxvan.! Thanks a lot for the additional resources and sharing your routine! :-)

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