"Mkulima, msafiri, na mpishi"

Translation:The farmer, the traveler, and the cook

March 4, 2017

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...all walk into a bar.


I came just to make sure someone posted that.


The farmer orders barley water. (Someone else has to pick up from here).


The cook asks,"Why order it here?"


And the traveler says : "wait, weren't we supposed to order in swahili ?"


When was the last time you met a barman who spoke Swahili?


These words are sort of kicking my butt, because they are etymologically so different from other languages I have learned so far. I remember having the same problem with Japanese back in the day, and making use of ridiculous mnemonycs to try to memorize them (like ushi (牛) - cow: imagine walking by a meadow and seeing a cow and asking, "who's she?"). I figured I'd share some of the ones I came up with for Swahili so far in the hopes that it might help some of you. Beware: they are really silly... but that's sort of the point.

msafiri - traveler: going on safari (relatively obvious one)
mhandisi - engineer: an engineer is handy, see?
mgeni - guest: honestly, I just go with the similarity in sound of the first syllable
muuguzi - nurse: u good, see? (because I healed you)
mkulima - farmer: a farmer cultivates
mwalimu - teacher: what (are the) limits (of my students?)
mwanafunzi - student: students wanna (have) fun
mpishi - cook: cooking pizzas
mhudumu - waiter: hoe duur (Dutch mnemonic, sorry)
seremala - carpenter: saw or mallet
fundi - artisan: an artisan knows their craft to the foundation.

I can only apologize.


The audio is poor! Whoever it is reading this needs a) QCing and b) more practice. She is not a native speaker either. Im sorry but this is not good.


I agree with you! What is this kind of "sh" where there seems a simple "r"?


A farmer, traveller and a cook should also be correct


Either drop all articles or use articles throughout and everyone will be happy :)


Not necessarily. I put "a" before each word & was told it was wrong.


What the hell is "msafishi"? ... i dont know why I bother - no one does anything!


What the hell is "msafishi"? Something that isn't in the question. As for "doing something" - do you use the in-app reporting tool? That is the way to bring attention to an error in the teaching database.


What are you talking about?


The audio is crap! The reader is not prepared and is not a native-speaker and she makes a mistake! Ive listened to enough peopme with speech impediments but are still clear. This is wholly unacceptable.


The audio is wrong. It sounds like she's saying MSAFISHI rather then MSAFISRI. 08032020


Frustrated. Does masafiri mean both passenger and traveller? How do you know which is right in any given sentence?


How do I see the replies?


The traveler gets his to go.


I wrote the correct translation and it still says here's another translation, it's exactly the same as what I wrote


Happens sometimes. No idea why or when.


Sounds like a Peter Greenaway movie...


Am i the only one missing comma in these sentences? Are their no commas in swahili?


How can one know whether msafiri means traveler versus passenger?


Thank you for asking! It seems as though whatever I put is counted as wrong!


How is this incorrect: A farmer, a passenger and a cook.?


Ah, well, unless I'm missing something, the only thing I see missing is the final comma after "passenger", but this comma is a matter of controversy, so it's not really incorrect.


The sound and words didn't match

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