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  5. "Watoto wako"

"Watoto wako"

Translation:Your children

March 4, 2017



So, are all adjectives after the noun? This cannot be translated as a statement? IE "The children are yours."


I am not sure about your first question. "Watoto wako = your children " this indeed is a statement. Did you mean to say a complete sentence? "The children are yours." will most probably translate to "Watoto ni wako" but this is just a guess. I may be wrong. Afterall, today is my third day learning Swahili (05 Mar 2017)


Yes, adjectives are usually after the noun (few exceptions) - You could shorten "Hawa ni watoto wako?" (Are those your children?) To "Hawa watoto wako?"


what happened to 'wenu'?


What do you mean by "what happened to" ? If you ask a bit more clearly I will be happy to try and answer.

I will try to guess what you meant and answer; :)

"wako" here means the 'owner' of "watoto" is singular

"wenu" will mean the 'owner' of "watoto" is plural .

I hope that helps


I replied - your kids - is that not supposed to be right too ?


It's the exact same thing - report it next time as this course is still in beta. :)


So wako is yours when addressing plural and wenu when addressing singular?

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