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(North) Levantine Arabic: or the spoken language of Syria and surrounding areas...

There are many requests for Modern Standard Arabic (MSA).

I am writing to suggest developing a Levantine Arabic course, specifically North Levantine Arabic, the most common spoken Arabic of Syria and surrounding areas****

This language would be extremely valuable for:

  1. Helping Syrian refugees in English speaking areas
  2. Learning to speak a form of language spoken daily by natives and used in their music and TV shows (see link below)
  3. Being very intelligible to those who speak other dialects of Arabic
  4. Not necessarily needing to utilize Arabic script

It is also a very beautiful spoken language, with a rich culture, having been influenced by other/ancient Syrian languages and cultures.


  1. "Syrian Colloquial Arabic," M. Liddicoat (www.syrianarabic.com) --a formal/modern textbook and audio course, using both arabic and roman script

  2. Levantine Arabic on Mango (http://mangolanguages.com/available-languages/learn-levantine-arabic/) --other platforms ARE focussing on dialects/regional languages, and supporting good programs

  3. NaTakallam, website that pairs learners with Syrian refugees who teach Levantine (https://natakallam.com/) --further evidence of client demand and usefulness of this spoken form



http://www.pbs.org/newshour/updates/want-to-practice-arabic-syrian-tutors-are-ready-to-lend-a-voice/ (more about NaTakallam)

****There may be confusion as alternate names include: Syrian Arabic, Lebanese-Syrian Arabic, Shami, South Syrian Arabic, Levantine Arabic, etc... but my post is about the form of Arabic commonly spoken and understood by Syrians and surrounding people, with ISO 639 code: apc

If you are also interested, please comment below :) Thank you, Frank

March 4, 2017



نعم نعم نعم!!! Yes, yes, yes!!!


I would like to see this class happen!


An informative request and language I'd like to see. You got my vote. Don't forget to inform Lrtward.


Yeah, I would to see this too, along with Egyptian Arabic.


Syrian/Levantine Arabic for 2017, please. Lots of immigrants here in Rio, and I'm eager to build some bridges.


أنا أحب هذه اللغة! I love this language! I hope it becomes available! I VOTE FOR IT!

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