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Is it difficult to learn two languages at once?

The thing is, I only know English (as my native language) and French to level 7 (so far). Should I try learning another language along with French, or will I just get really confused?

Another variable is that I got to level 7 in french in 3 days, which makes me think that learning another language with french wouldn't be that hard, but I don't know anyone who knows more than 2 languages, so I don't know if I should try.

March 4, 2017



It depends. As an example, if you learn Italian while you learn French, you may get confused since they're similar to one another. There are ways around it but you shouldn't practice them back-to-back until you're extremely comfortable with French. But if you decide to learn German, then it would be easy not to confuse the two since they're from different language families. You could practice them in the same day and still know that "hallo" is German and "salut" is French by tomorrow. All you have to do is to make sure you're learning both languages by practicing fairly regularly (every day or week depending on how serious you are and how much time you have). So do so if you want to, just be aware that it can complicate things and you should make the time for it if you want to be serious.


This is the exact kind of response I was looking for. Thank you.


Yeah. A lot of the European Romance languages are tough to do together. A lot of languages sound like German, and vice versa. But I wouldn't know whether it's hard to learn 2 languages at once, since I'm only doing 22 languages from English, 8 languages from Spanish, and English from Japanese.


I'd go a little farther with the French,maybe to the second checkpoint, then go ahead and start another language. You need to learn how to learn a language. The levels don't really mean a lot, 7 is reached pretty quickly. What's more important is how many skills you've completed.


Alright. So I should wait?


Wait, I already passed checkpoint 2.


There are 14 lessons to my next checkpoint. Should I wait?

[deactivated user]

    Only if you want. We all can give u advice and tell u what we think, but in the end it is ur choice!


    If you want to start learning a new language, there's no reason you shouldn't. I don't see why your French progress should really affect your decision.

    [deactivated user]



      But obviously, assuming your studying time doesn't increase, your progress in each language will slow down.


      So should I try another language with French?


      If you want to.


      Not sure if this was already said, but just in case it wasn't, just gain a little more skill in the 'primary' language you're learning, then begin a second languge: Preferably one not relatable to French. Which is pretty easy to find.

      1. Swedish or Dutch (considered a bit easier for English speakers)

      2. German or Russian (if you want a challenge)

      3. Spanish or Italian (kinda has the same structure as French, pretty relatable, easily mixable)

      4. Any Asian language (if you're extremely dedicated)

      5. If all of the above are no's for you, then the best one would be Esperanto (considered the easiest and quickest to learn)

      Did you even ask what the easiest language would be for you? I think this was uneccessary. Gonna stop typing now.


      My two rules: (1) don't start two different languages simultaneously; doing one new and one more advanced is fine (2) don't do two closely related languages at the same time (e.g. French and Italian) But your experience may turn our different.


      Thank you for all your inputs.


      I think you should be fine. Maybe try 2 "different kinds" of languages, such as French and Swedish, or French and Danish or something like that. Or, if you want to try another language that is similar to French, such as Spanish, try creating a routine to stick to, such as practicing French in the morning and Spanish in the afternoon so you don't get mixed up.


      It's not difficult, but it could get overwhelming. Try it!


      If you are dedicated enough, and you like spending your free time studying foreign languages there is no problem. I advise you to start a language that you truly love or you are interested in. The last year I was studing english and french every day and i assure you that it was the most relaxing hours of the day!

      [deactivated user]

        I am learning Spanish and french a the same time, it's not that hard. U just have to balance it out a little, and try not to mix the langues u are learning up! Other wise u can dot it! :) Go for it!


        The only time it gets confusing is when you are doing two languages that are very similar. For example, Swedish and Norwegian are a lot alike and it becomes difficult to keep the spelling straight if you you haven't mastered the first a little.


        The more languages you learn, the easier it will be.

        Initially you may make mistakes confusing the two, but as time passes on, you will learn.

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