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"I have a sister, but I do not have a brother."

Translation:У мене є сестра, але немає брата.

March 4, 2017



Hm, so you guys use "Mayu" (like most of the Slavs) and "U mene e" (like Russians).

Which one is more common? Is "Я маю" , kinda bookish like in Russian?

[deactivated user]

    No, «я маю» is in fact very common both in colloquial and formal speech. I don’t have statistics, but my hunch is that they are roughly equally common.


    Thanks everyone for the reports! Sorry that they have been piling up and haven't been checked!

    There were more than 30 reports suggesting correct answers :') I'm very grateful, keep up the good work, comment and report!


    "я маю сестри але я не маю брата" - why is this wrong?

    [deactivated user]

      Сестри́ is the genitive case of the word сестра́, but after ма́ю, you use the accusative case: сестру́.

      Брата is both genitive and accusative, but сестра has two separate forms.

      (In some dialects, сестри can be used as accusative plural — the standard Ukrainian form is сесте́р for this. So if I heard your version, I’d think you wanted to say ‘I have sisters’, not ‘I have a sister’.)


      Oh ok thanks. I think i need to look over the accusative endings for nouns then, thanks again :)


      "У мене є сестра, але брата немає" is rejected. Is it completely wrong?


      No, was just overlooked. Added it.

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