March 4, 2017

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    My argument is this: From the context supplied (which is none) there is absolutely no way of knowing whether the word "(ku)pasua" or "chozi" is intended. So either answer should be correct. I think the Swahili infinitive should be accepted here too, since (again from lack of context) we don't know if this is a command (Pasua!) or just a vocabulary exercise (kupasua)


    Frustrating though the lack of clarity in the exercise maybe and multiple inconsistencies in Duolingo, I find there is a positive side effect - that is I benefit massively from people's discussions on alternative interpretations - so many thanks to all who've contributed positively to the debates on this and other Qs with their Q's, puzzlements and explanations... :)


    Is this tear that one cries, or the sort of tear one has in one's pants?


    It's a verb though. You can't have a pasua in your pants ... you can kupasua your pants and then you have a ...

    mpasuo (pl mipasuo)
    mpasuka (pl mipasuka)
    mpasuko (pl mipasuko)
    raruo (pl mararuo)
    ufa (pl nyufa)

    ... in them.


    If this is the verb "tear," could "rarua" also be used? (My reference shows "pasua" means to burst or split.)


    In this Present Tense exercise I would expect duolingo to use the verb kupasua in the present tense.


    What is the differemce between -Pasua and -Pasuka?


    Pasua is present simple tense. Pasuka can mean it has happened or be used in the passive


    tense infixes are always before the verb stem, never after

    'pasua' is the active verb e.g. 'Nilipasua shati yangu' - 'I tore/ripped my shirt' (here, the infix -li- tells you it's past tense)

    'pasuka' is the passive conjugation e.g. 'Shati limepasuka' - 'The shirt is torn' (-me- is the tense infix for present perfect tense)

    I made a post on tenses which you can find here


    In MobiTUKI the entry for tear is as follows:
    tear1 vt vi 1 chana, pasua, rarua, ... So kuchana should also be accepted.


    So today I got the word 'Tear' and was only offered 'Pasua' as a choice. How does this help me to learn the word?


    this has been happening to me so often! i try to report them all, i figure it's a technical kinda fault

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