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"Wamarekani wanapika na sufuria?"

Translation:Do Americans cook with pots?

March 5, 2017



Hapana, tunanunua McDonald's! :P

March 5, 2017


Wafanyakazi wamerekani wa McDonald's wanapika na sufuria ... :-P

April 10, 2017


According to the grammatical notes given us so far, it should also be correct to translate this question as "Are the Americans cooking with (the) pots?"

October 28, 2018



December 8, 2018


The audio doesnt sound like a question to me, but more like a normal expression isn't it?

April 17, 2019


Any reason why "Are the Americans cooking in pots?" is wrong. I'd talk about cooking in pots not with pots, although I do accept the construction of this sentence could imply the Americans are being cooked!

October 21, 2018


Why isn't the answer "Do Americans cook with the pots" accepted?

March 6, 2018


Why is "The Americans, do they cook with pots?" not accepted?

January 3, 2019


it is not good english. since swahili has no articles, you would erase 'the' in your mind, because 'the' is an article, AND it is an interrogative sentence which is generalising 'Americans'. Articles are only there in English because the logic of the English language's construction requires them. They are not used when the construction of the English language does not require them. (For example, when the subject of an interrogative sentence is a generalisation of all Americans.)

April 16, 2019


Hello, would "Do Americans cook with the pot" also be a possible answer? (I was thinking that the Americans were guests in a house or so) Thanks.

May 29, 2019
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