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French Phrases for Horrible People


From the site's description: "Most internet users are fully profficient(sic) in being obnoxious, but this is not much good if you can't do it in style. This is a web page designed to help you become more than "just another obnoxious nerd". It makes you distinctively obnoxious. People will remember you for years to come as a truly obnoxious person."

The website has great phrases such as, "I'd help you, but I don't like you," and, "Your children are very attractive. Are they adopted?"

March 8, 2014



Well, Duo has already taught me how to tell someone they have an ugly niece, so I think I'm set.


Lol you made my day.. a lingot for you ;)


I love that the French 'translation' for "Stop bothering me" is "Parle à mon cul, ma tête est malade", which literally means "Talk to my ass, my head is sick". Wow!


It's really a well-known and much used phrase...


Yeah, I think Duo has already equipped us well to insult people.

Mon requin peut manger ton dauphin!

[deactivated user]

    This is useful, but I'm proud to say that I've never had to get rude in French. Actually it is one of few languages where I am polite in speaking. In English I am vulgar, have a slight Southern accent, and am kind of rude. My French teacher was the only one who ever made me apologize, so I often apologize in French now to people who don't speak the language.


    my french teacher in high school taught us five ways of saying "I'm sorry" in french. He told us all of them were sarcastic, but in slightly different ways, which he also explained. i'd have to consult my notes to be specific...

    [deactivated user]

      My teacher felt that the things I said went beyond a "je suis desole" so I was to use a full on "je regrette," which infers that I am at fault and need to regret what I've done.


      je suis désolée, mais il est désolé (in your case only on e but two é) ;-)))


      You MUST teach us!! There's a lingot in it for you if you do!


      Cheers, ringard. Also try googling "casse-toi pov'con" for Sarkozy's famous contribution to this list


      @ Duolingo staff: What about making the next bonus lesson out of such phrases? I've read the discussions about insults and swearing and being age-appropriate, but among those phrase I've found nothing I would juge as inappropriate for children that are old enough to learn a language by Duolingo (e.g. at least old enough to read and write quite well).

      As the flirting lesson the things learnt wouldn't be of much use, but it would be a lot of fun to do it. And I would remember words much more easily when they appear in such sentences than in "normal" ones.


      Love the disclaimer at the end !


      Real-life obnoxious exchange in Paris (happened to a friend of mine) :

      A young woman on the first day of a year long french exchange asked very politely

      "Excusez-moi monsieur, pouvez-vous me dire l'heure qu'il est?"

      He replied

      "Je n'ai pas acheté ma montre pour vous dire l'heure!"

      Then he walked off. :)

      Worth remembering though that there are obnoxious people all over the world. Most of the french I have encountered over the years are polite and friendly (just more reserved than we are in Australia)


      Why did he buy a tongue?


      The "Helping others" section is great. Thanks for sharing this!


      Lol I'll have to take a peek. Thanks for sharing!


      This is absolutely priceless!!! I marry you if... Wait a while till I read them :D...


      The 'parle à mon cul' one cracked me up!


      My personal favourite would be the one mentioned in the main post- Your children are very attractive, are they adopted? It just sounds so awesomely innocent


      I wonder how many french people think american tourist are crazy


      I'm a horrible person, and I deeply appreciate this invaluable new resource. Much better than any phrasebook I have previously encountered. Well, apart from this one: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=lingua+latina+occasionibus+omnibus


      Ha - someone is going around downvoting every positive comment made to the poster. Let's shower oozle2 with love and lingots - have 10 on me oozle2


      is there an updated link for this? it doesn't seem to work any more and I would love to have a read!


      I didn't find an updated link, but I did find something : the cached page of the last update. Enjoy!


      And of course, a pleasant rejoinder to je t'aime is, moi, non plus.


      I prefer Han Solo's answer to princess Leia : - I love you. - I know.


      For the sake of language learning :

      French : - Je t'aime. - Je sais.
      Italian : - Ti voglio bene. - Io so.
      Spanish : - Te quiero. - Yo sé.
      German : - Ich liebe dich. - Ich weiß.

      Sorry I don't know enough Portuguese to add it.


      Portuguese :- Te amo. - Eu sei


      The first few merely drew a smile. That is, until I read "T'as une tête a faire sauter les plaques d'egouts!" And right then and there, I lost it.


      I'm serious, like who would write such a silly thing.


      People with a sense of humour would. Get in the spirit of things!


      Well I read it and I don't think it's that funny.


      Humor is as different as toothbrushes.




      gave you a lingot - thanks!


      Oh such fun! Merci beaucoup


      It makes me think of the serie Connasse. (sorry, it's a swear word, but it's the name)


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