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The Shape of a Voice (a Japanese anime with sign language)

More popularly translated as "A Silent Voice", this is a Japanese anime from 2016, based on a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshitoki Ōima.

The story revolves around Shōya Ishida, a delinquent who in elementary school bullied his deaf classmate Shōko Nishimiya. Several years later, he meets her again and tries to redeem himself. Source

This film presents a mixture of Japanese and Japanese Sign Language. And there there is an English subtitled version. Anyone know what the age rating is? I couldn't find it on a quick sweep of Google and I'm heading to sleep.

Click to watch the official trailor of A Silent Voice, on Youtube

March 5, 2017



This looks amazing; thanks for sharing!


That looks awesome!


A good translator does not stick to exact translations. Instead, they consider their target audience. In this case, perhaps it was an adjustment for cultural sensitivities? For instance, in the US, the Deaf Community finds phrases like "hearing impaired" and "loss of hearing" etc. highly offensive. So, expressing "I'm deaf" is a statement of pride, whereas "I can't hear", I would guess, would be less embraced. (Not that English subtitles are only for folks in the US. But, it's a theory about why the translation may have chosen to go one way rather than the other.)


i think you're correct. just simply this japanese girl writes "i can't hear". nuance: "i can't hear, sorry". that's the japanese attitude. that's all. japanese language does not have a proper colloq. of "deaf". (actually does have, but that word is offensive. no one even utter that word). i'm deaf" is "watashi wa mimi ga kikoemasen" or "watashi wa roua-sha desu". complex sentence.

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