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Cantonese Exercise 10.4: ¦¦ Vocab: Clothing ¦¦

Knowledge testing time...

  1. a) Write down all the months of the year in English.

b) Do the same, but in Cantonese. All you need to do is to find the numbers 1-12 in Cantonese. For example, December = Twelve Month. `Month' is given as .

c) Now corresponding to each month, write down one piece of clothing that would be appropriate for it in English. For example, 'scarf' - `January'.

d) Do the same, but in Cantonese. If you have run out of words from the previous lesson, feel free to use the web.

Good luck!

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March 5, 2017



Hey, Pok. Why are you saying, 'write Cantonese?' I understand that Cantonese has a few special words, but it's either in Simplified or Traditional. Just saying, ^~^



You may have noticed that (seeing as you are native to Mandarin), a considerable few of words in 'Clothing', and 'Places and Transport' are not the same as that in Mandarin. For example, we say '巴士' for 'bus', but '公共汽車' in Mandarin (literally: public car).

Whilst these differences are rather small, I would much rather emphasize 'Cantonese' in place of 'Trad. Chinese' :)

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