"Did you go to school by walking?"

Translation:Voi v-ați dus la școală umblând pe jos?

March 5, 2017

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So: ”ai MERS la școală MERGÂND pe jos” is correct, but ”ai mers la școală pe jos” is wrong....Romanian is hard!


All are grammatically right, but nobody will say ”mergand” or ”umbland” here. The sentences sound quite unnatural and funny with them. The right answer, and what every romanian will say, is ”v-ați dus la școală pe jos?” (ori ”te-ai dus la școală pe jos?”)


A Romanian speaker will not use the form "umbland pe jos"!!! The corect form is "mergand pe jos".


For those interested in learning English, "Did you walk to school?" is the most natural way of saying this in American English.

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