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Email notifications w/ blank content, and not loading in Activity


I'm using Windows7/Firefox

I have received at least two email notifications about activity posts. However, when I open those emails, It just shows my username and a blank space. (Picture) Alt text

When I access the comment's URL, the page does not load. (Comment URL example below.)


My computer has been acting a bit slow since yesterday (not just on Duolingo.) It is possible that this problem is happening on my side. But, this is the only instance I've had of emails arriving blank, so, I thought that part might be something on DL's end. Not all of my email notification comments are coming in blank.

Thank you! :)

PS It happened again: https://www.duolingo.com/event/619021180$from_email=activity_comment

March 8, 2014



Yes, it happens the same to me as well. But, this problem is only with notifications about the "Tiers".


I believe those are the very comments that are experiencing technical difficulties.


Thanks! Taking a look into this :)


What was the original activity regarding?


I believe it was an announcement in my Activity that my Tier level had gone up to 4.

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