"Leo hatujambo"

Translation:We are ok today

March 5, 2017

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"Jambo" is a problem, like "tatizo", "tata" or "shida". For that reason, the common greeting is a discussion of the lack of problems, and all the prefixes are negative. "mimi sijambo" literally means "I am without problems". The answers given are culturally accurate, but lazy, and if you teach conjugation this way you will confuse your students, who are looking at this as a positive conjugation, "ni/u/a", when it is actually a negative conjugation "si/hu/ha".


So from what I gather, verbs are conjugated differently when they are negative from when they are positive? Like if "sijambo" means "I have NO problems" then "nijambo" would mean "I have problems"


I wrote "we're doing fine today" and the app didn't accept it.


After moving further ahead in the lessons, I can see how Hatujambo and Sijambo would be confusing. Sometimes, I feel I'm learning from memory without fully understanding.

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