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"Cea de pe masă este o căpșună."

Translation:The one on the table is a strawberry.

March 5, 2017



As with many other words in this section (DPPA), "cea" is not mentioned in the lesson associated to the section. This section really looks like one of the most difficult ones in the Romanian tree because of the many cases and irregularities (especially the more or less colloquial synonyms). Maybe the adjectival use should be separated from the pronoun use and both section lessons could then be expanded somewhat to encompass more situations?


Agree This lesson needs some more explanations. Maybe could be split in two lessons actually.


Wholeheartedly agree, this section would benefit for being split for learning. At this moment, I'm in a pronoun hell...

As a native english speaker, we use the same words for DP and PA instances, and it's much harder to learn all of it in one lesson ~ especially as I'm learning about english grammar at the same time as romanian grammar!


I would like this (DPPA) split, so perhaps we could just learn one such as proximity pronoun with it's nuances first and then do another one after a breather... perhaps between the two occupations ones where there are so many to take in. Then come back to other DPPAs once we've got our head round one. I'd forgotten about 'cea'.


I can totally not get my head around any of these words at all, it's not explained well in the lesson, you are so right about that.


Why is it not accepted: "Aceea de pe masă este o căpșună." It was a multiple choice question... and I think that one is also correct. The meaning would be different, but it was not a sentence to translate but to choose the correct answer... Or is it incorrect?


This is definitely one of the more difficult lessons thus far in my Roamanian journey.


I don't get the difference between three words for the same (English) word. I'm not native English speaker... It's way too difficult without explanation!!


I listen to the TTS saying "este", not "ieste". Is it normal to say "este" like that in the middle of a sentence or is a TTS mistake? Mulțumesc.


Este is always prounced like "ieste"


In normal speech it's often pronounced "ieste", but not always, not in academic speech, and depends on the person.

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