"This cow has a lot of milk."

Translation:Vaca asta are mult lapte.

March 5, 2017

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The notes on this section are really bad and confusing. The form "asta" does not appear even in them. And no background information on why and when the various forms change. It is no wonder that so many people are confused - myself included!


Couldn't you say "multă lapte" instead of "mult lapte" here? It was not accepted.


The adjective needs to agree in gender with the noun. "Lapte" is a masculine noun, "multă" is the feminine form.


Thanks, I thought it was feminine.


I had understood that "această (singular feminin) is normally used, but if the intent is to be emphatic, then "aceasta" is used instead, and it it placed after the noun.


I agree. It would be good to understand why this is sometimes 'this cow' and other times looks like 'the cow the this' (English simpleton, me, equates losing the accent as adding a definite article).


I'm so confused with this. I've done the whole tree twice and now am getting onto yellow, but still I find this the most confusing lesson.


yea all of these words are basically the same except one letter I am also confused when to use which one


Another exercise insists on translating "a lot of" as foarte mult, but that was marked wrong here: here it's just mult lapte.


This lesson is my great headache in the way to learn some Romanian. But I won't give up.

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