"Tanzanians do not like to eat dolphin"

Translation:Watanzania hatupendi kula pomboo

March 5, 2017

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why isn't is watanzania hawapendi kula pomboo


it should be. "Hatupendi" is "we don't like", so the English would presumably have to be something like "We Tanzanians don't like..."


I guess its in a negative we form because the authors of this sentence are trying to explain about their culture, but yours should be accepted because it's not that evident. Be sure to report any errors you see using the report feature while taking a lesson.


The literal translation of "Watanzania hatupendi kula pomboo" would be "Tanzanians, we don't like to eat dolphin", which would naturally be "Tanzanians do not like to eat dolphin" but said by a Tanzanian hence "hatupendi" I have observed this pattern in other Bantu languages where a speaker includes himself/herself in a general statement to let people know that they are also part of the generality.


Should say, "We Tanzanians do not like to eat dolphin."

or should change the verb to "hawapendi"


It is evident mistake ! Proper translation is : Watanzania hawapendi kula pomboo. It starts to be problem with mistakes of Duolingo in english, in swahili.... What is going on ?

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