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  5. The best time of my life!


The best time of my life!

I just came back from a french camp known as Lac Du Bois. It was super fun and I had a great time. I even learned a lot of french there! We also ate french themed food, used euros as currency, and sang a ton of songs! We spoke french like the whole time too! It was the best time ever! :D

March 5, 2017



Lac du Bois is one of the langue villages of Concordia Language Villages. They have a variety of different camps dedicated to immersive language experiences. My daughter went to a youth camp for two weeks at Waldsee (the German village, then I joined her for a week of family camp -- we had an amazing time. I later went for a long weekend at an adult camp for Italian, and it was great. There are tons of options for kids, ranging from day camps to two week camps to month-long credit camps to their new combined credit camp/trip abroad. Concordia Language Villages is in Minnesota. I am not affiliated with them, just a huge fan.



Sounds awesome. I actually saw the Eiffel Tower from the highway and we were going to the airport


I'm going again for 2 weeks in summer! YAY!


Lac Du Bois....that means Lake of the Forest, right?

Or, Forest Lake.


I think it lake of wood (bois is wood) or maybe wood of lake?


lake of the woods, du = de le

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