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Cheating - Keyholes

There are only three chances to make the keyholes but... if you start the test and then restart it before failing (maybe when you have one heart only) you can repeat it as many times as you want.

I would suggest to give 3 chances per test a week or a month, but if somebody replies to a question of the test, this should be counted as done. Of course, if you have connection problems or you make some mess and go out of the page, it wouldn't be fair, that's why I would suggest to give 3 chances every week or so.

February 24, 2013



(I will cheat a bit now... because I am a bad girl.) :D


There are enough questions, so if someone is failing or about to fail, I think it's okay for them to redo the test. If someone wants to cheat badly enough, they can use a translator program or something like that - but really, they are just cheating themselves out of learning.


You're right! I cheated a bit but without using the dictionary... I only tried several times. At least I learned something... if you copy the dictionary and nothing more you don't learn a lot. ---- Anyway, I will have to review everything in a little while, all those golden sections will soon disappear... :(


huh? it's designed that way so people can cope dependent on their learning curve

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