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Earphones with voice translation

What do you think of this product? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dN3WvBohZDA Could it be helpful in studying languages? Or does it demotivate to study foreign languages?

March 5, 2017



It actually depends on who uses it. It's possible that people who love learning languages could take advatage of the product, serving as a traslator for those words and phrases that are initially difficult to understand.

But, like I said once in a discussion about having a universal language, people would rather take the easy way, and use it as an importat translator in order to be able to communicate without problems.

Of course, I'm not saying the product is bad at all, imagine working (as having a high place) in a company that has relations with 20 countries (all of them with a different language), unless you already are a polyglot, it would be really hard for you to learn all of the 20 languages. So the product, in this case, could be your best alternative for maintaining that relation with the countries and talking to important people.

But my real point is: Not all people are interested in learning a language for culture, not even they are attracted by all the benefits it gives to know two or more languages (battling dementia and alzheimer, as far as I know). They are more worried about the possibilities of having the job on a company (someone who knows how to speak spanish, english and frech has more possibilities of having the job than someone who only is able to speak in his first language) and being able to talk to anyone wherever they go. The product could totally discourage and demotivate the idea of having to repass and worry about the grammar of a language for many of us.

That's my opinion.


Very interesting. Thanks for that. I will buy it some time. I give 1 Lingot for that.

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