"Are you poor?"

Translation:Sunteți sărace?

March 5, 2017

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Wow. A lot of combinations are possible:
"Ești sărac?" (singular masculine)
"Ești săracă?" (singular feminine)
"Sunteți săraci?" (plural masculine/mixed)
"Sunteți sărace?" (plural feminine)
This is because the English sentence is ambiguous in these regards, and you need some context to know which combination it refers to.


Context would be amazing, unless they want us to fail these and/or memorize the answers...


you forgot the polite form which is not accepted ! "sunteți săracă" or "sunteți sărac" I try it and it was refused!!!


Are all Romanians stuck on fat girls, ugly women, and poor people... Not sure if I'm taking a language lesson or learning how to gossip like teenagers in another language.


Only one solution? Is there 1 you, or multiple you?

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