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Stuck on discussions

Hi everyone,

I clicked on 'discussions' in a lesson page, and now I can't get back to the lesson content. Any ideas? (This is now on all lesson pages)



February 24, 2013



Did you press ESC or tried to click on the X at the top right of the discussion frame?

In case you cannot get rid of the frame I hope that reloading the page would solve the issue.

But let's wait for an admin for an official reply. :)

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Like Marziotta said you should be able to use escape or the X in the top right. What browser are you using?


I'm using Firefox, and there is no X to click and Esc doesn't work. Just to clarify, this happens in the window I get when I click on a skill in the Spanish skill tree on my home page - before picking specific lessons. And this happens no matter which skill I pick.


Oh. Forget about all of this. I'm just being stupid. I assumed there would be a tips section for every skill - but there isn't, which explains why I only have the discussions tab. Sorry!

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