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  5. "Ninahitaji sukari kilo moja"

"Ninahitaji sukari kilo moja"

Translation:I need one kilogram of sugar

March 5, 2017



There is a lot of inconsistency of when' the answer accepts one or a as moja for quantites. Both should be correct


There is a lot of inconsitency in everything in this course. It's starting to be really frustrating... is someone even correcting reported mistakes?? It's at the point where I'm considering giving up and come back in 6 months because that's the time I assume things might be hopefully fixed. Mistakes like "spices' " (with some weird aposthrophe attached,) should not be norm.


Yes, the reported mistakes and missing answers are being corrected, but there aren't many people to do it. I have had lots of messages that my suggested answer was accepted. I'm not paying anything for the course, so I want to give back by reporting errors. In the past five months or so, I have definitely seen an improvement.


Is one solution for don't get frustrated to the bottom - learn also from another materials. I do in this way. Constantly I report mistakes also if I know that it brings no results but in some way this course helps me in learning kiswahili, so.... :)


The voice did not say the beginning n__ of ninahitaji. I was supposed to write what I heard.


I get frustrated losing a ♥️ when I translate " a kilo sugar" ...instead 'of'..

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