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  5. "We are humorous audiences."

"We are humorous audiences."

Translation:Chúng tôi là những khán giả hài hước.

March 6, 2017



the word "chung toi" is a plural, why is "nhung" necessary


does this mean the audience members themselves are funny? or that they are humoured? (by something else)


they are the funny ones


No English speaking person would ever say: "We are humorous audiences". Under what circumstances would a Vietnamese person say: "Chúng tôi là những khán giả hài hước"? I really don't quite understand what the Vietnamese sentence means. Perhaps it means that the people in the audience have a good sense of humor.
Perhaps it means that the people in the audience make one another laugh. I really am not sure what it means


yes, you are right. its meaning was lost in translation. "khán giả" can mean both the whole audience and a member in the audience.

the sentence simply means "among those in the assistance, we are the humorous ones."

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