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Cantonese Short Lesson + Exercise 10.5: ¦¦ Vocab: Numbers! ¦¦

For the first time, instead of me scribbling all the numbers, I will refer you to this link right here. Note that we write instead of . I apologize for the non-use of the Jyutping pronunciation system. Fortunately though, there is a Youtube link at the bottom of the numbers table if you require it.

If you are unsure how the pattern goes, here is a short guide:

The first thing you need to know is the numbers from one to ten inclusive. For ease, I have provided them here.

一 yāt 1

二 yih 2

三 sàam 3

四 sei 4

五 nǵh 5

六 luhk 6

七 chāt 7

八 baat 8

九 gáu 9

十 sahp 10

Now what we do, for example, to find say 86, is to write it in the form (first number)(ten)(second number). So 86 = 八十六.

If the number is bigger than 100, say 366, we write it in the form (first number)(hundred)(second number)(ten)(third number). So 366 = 三百六十六.


Now instead of making a new post for the exercise, here are a few you can have a go at:

a) 892

b) 3,295

c) 33

d) 18,924,875

e) 0

Cantonese Directory Page

Thank you for reading this (and/or completing the exercise)! Questions are welcome!

March 6, 2017


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