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  5. "When do you drink wine?"

"When do you drink wine?"

Translation:Quand buvez-vous du vin ?

February 24, 2013



Is the word order is important here? I mean why "quand tu bois du vin" could not be accepted?


Question does not give me those words as options. I have "Quand bois tu vin porquoi du ou quand comment" from which it is impossible to construct the given solution "Quand buvez-vous du vin ?" - I'm seeing more and more of these buggy questions in duolingo.

[deactivated user]

    It gave you the informal verb and pronoun instead of the formal verb and pronoun. Certainly it is possible to construct the question from the words you provided.

    Quand bois-tu du vin ? ~ informal
    Quand buvez-vous du vin ? ~ formal


    Ha, that explains it! Thanks :)


    I have the same problem, but later found out that at the bottom there is a sign for keyboard, so you can type the " buvez-vous" .


    Why this exercise is not fixed despite my several request. Is something structurally wrong with questions exercise. If someone can tell me please.


    Your question is answered above, in Fauxtronic's post :)


    this answer wasn't an option ):


    I always thought "tu bois" and "bois-tu" were the same. Could someone please explain why "Quand tu bois du vin" is wrong?


    'Quand tu bois' means 'when you drink', which is a statement. However, when you invert 'quand' and 'tu', it becomes a question, and so 'quand bois-tu' is 'when do you drink?'


    Easy Fix - Use the keyboard option to type in your answer.....


    A previous question asked "Does he like fish" or something like that. I answered Aime-t-il du poisson, but was wrong. I should have used le instead of du. I think it is because we are talking about fish in general not any specific fish. So why isn't the answer to this question: Quand buvez-vous le vin?


    Same(ish). I thought id understood the le/du situation from the many comments on the "how do you eat chicken?" Question. Now Im back in the dark again :)


    Me too, no buvez-vous listed as an option.


    Buvez vous were not words to choose from the list


    Buvez-vous not an option

    [deactivated user]

      Then you should have picked bois-tu.


      This answer wasn't given as an option?


      I got O.k " Quand est-ce que vous buvez du vin ? "


      Guys, I have the same problem. It doesn't give me the option and WON"T let me go further . BUT there is a symbol for keyboard and you CAN type the words (Quand buvez-vous du vin) there . Just ignore this bug....Duolingo is the best progam. I've never was ale to learn French until now ! :)


      The answer is provided however the words buvez-vous are not part of the word choices. No wonder I a problem


      In informal conversational french, could you say tu boit quand? Im reading a help page that said in spoken that the question word goes at the end.


      buvez vous was not an option. I used tu bois


      I answered "quand vous bouvez du vin". It was marked incorrect. WHY do I have to invert the subject and verb here?


      i dont have those word options


      there is no option for plural!


      Ok, that is the answer I gave the first time and it was marked incorrect listing Quand bois tu du vin? so when it was repeated, I use that answer and am corrected to the answer I gave the first time. What's up with that?


      There are not the words " buvez vous" It's only "tu bois"


      And now i am totally confused : You and you ( plural). In English it is a difference, isn't it?


      Why don't they make it right as soon as possible? This is clealy buggy question!


      "Quand bois-tu du vin" was not accepted. "buvez-vous" not given as an option.


      I always use the Keyboard instead of the word bank.

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