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"to go" translation from spanish to english

I just want to comment, on the iphone app, the translation of "nosotros vamos" "yo voy" "él va" into English is incorrect and the correct option is not available. With "to go" in English you always need a to be verb, e.g. "I AM going" or "he IS going" "We ARE going" or - you would never say "I go" or "we go"

February 24, 2013



Actually, you do! I go to the beach every weekend! Yo voy a la playa todos los fines de semanas.

You go, he/she/it goes, we go, you all go, they go... it all works.


Ok, I think I understand what you are saying. For that, you use what is called the present participle. It works as follows- Estoy corriendo. -I am running. This signifies that the action is currently happening, so to say a true statement right now, I could say "Estoy escribiendo". It works for all verbs, and is extremely easy to pick up. Another example just to clear up if you have any questions- Hablas = You talk. Estás hablando = You are talking.

First, you conjugate estar into the form you would like to use.

Then, For -ar verbs, you take off the ending and + ando. For -er/-ir verbs, you take off the ending and + iendo.

I hope this is what you are asking about. Buena Suerte


This sounds like the problem that was discussed here: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/145755

If so, we're working on fixing it :).


So estoy voy? Oh man. I've been learning it wrong. D:


I don't think you're wrong, I meant in their translations to English. Can't be certain about the spanish!


Guenterpolo, that's true. But I don't think that is in the same sense that they are using it in Spanish. I mean to say what you will do in the moment, you don't say "I go" - you say "I am going."


help my friend take off the spanish words

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