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  5. "You don't have balls"

"You don't have balls"

Translation:Huna mipira

March 6, 2017



Hahaha isn't this swearing?


No, mipira is refering to sports balls (football, baseball, basketball)


Ok but this can easily be used like a metaphor no? Whem there is nothing "sporty" going on. And with an insulting tone of voice? I mean, if I would say to a man in english... you have a small flag pole... wouldn't that obviously be seen as an insult refering to his male organ, unless of course he actually has a flag pole in his garden... just wondering if it would be understood as an insult.. for learning's sake of course :-)


More like goading or dissing...


Think sport as in football, netball, volleyball, softball etc.


Hahah huna matunda lol


It means you dont have sport balls like football. Still funny.


Yeah terrible, got it wrong because of hamna...


That should be valid though.


Yeah, it's very valid too.


How about you(plural) don't have balls....would that be hamna mipira ?


'hamna mipira' is not accepted as a correct answer, but I think it should be.


This is funny in English and can be an insult if you say that to someone. But in Swahili, it's lost in translation. It literally means "You don't have balls" Like soccer balls, basketballs etc. But I still wonder why duo has chosen this particular phrasing.


Im flagging this one as innapropriate


It's not. You're being dirty minded.


It's literally talking about sports balls there is NOTHING inappropriate about that. -And for someone who lives in a Swahili speaking country, If you tell anybody this, NEVER will they even think about a man's organ because if you think about it, the balls YOU'RE thinking about is purely slang in English anyways so...why not try viewing the sentence from a pure angle rather than report it for a problem YOU made up out of thin air?Jumping to conclusions hastily is never a good thing kind sir. Oh, and you spelling of inappropriate is incorrect. :) <3<3 xoxo

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