Taking Russian seriously, what do you think of this video?

So I've just started to take Russian a bit more seriously now and I've found this two hour (super basic) video on the Russian alphabet. What do you think of it? Do you find it useful / accurate?

Interested to hear your thoughts wether you are a beginner in Russian or a veteran!


March 6, 2017


A few times I got the impression the teacher does not know what she was doing (she also made one or two spelling mistakes, I think). She could have just as easily teach round letters first (О, С, Ю, В, Б and so on) and then angular letters (Г, Л, А, П and so on). The words, however, do seem to have been carefully selected beforehand (not all of them), so she did this before.

Basically, what I found the most entertaining in the video is how the teacher introduces letters in the alphabetical order. I am not sure I have seen one textbook (for foreign learners) that does it.

It just shows that the alphabet is so easy a challenge you can learn it in any order with any method.

March 7, 2017

Thank you for taking the time to reply Igor.

I noticed that she made a few spelling mistakes, however, it seems to me that she did rectify the problem by typing the correct spellings into the subtitles which was quite handy.

I'm unsure as to why she taught the way she did on the video (I still don't really understand the letters anyway so it doesn't make much difference to me). Thanks for your honest feedback, I'm currently still using the video to teach me the letters.

Could you help me with this word Igor, чисто. The lady says it is called queen in Russian. However, I have searched it online and it says the word means purely? Could you clarify this for me?


She most likely meant "clean", "cleanly".

I used this video to learn the alphabet. It was the fastest way. She is a very good teacher. There are a few good channels for Russian learning. This one is great

Thank you for this erkojerk!

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