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Encountered Words List?

It seems as if Duolingo keeps track of the words I have encountered so far and have not yet seen. Is there a way to see a list of all the words that I have encountered for practice?

It also does not seem like any of the units are just straight vocabulary tests. Just getting a random word we are supposed to know and having to type it may be good review and useful in learning and really knowing everything cold.

And as a related note, going with the whole achievement theme and videogame-esque theme of Duolingo, having achievements for "you learned 1000 words", "10000 words" etc would be pretty cool mile markers.


6 years ago

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I complete agree. We should be have a list of learned vocabulary that we can see, but also be able to look up Spanish words and their English translations and vice-versa (clearly Duolingo does this automatically), and be able to practice our vocabulary just straight out.

Reply6 years ago