"The chairs"

Translation:Những chiếc ghế

March 6, 2017



I used các for the plural instead of những and it counts me a mistake. Not sure of it's normal.


"Các chiếc ghế" and "các cái ghế" would be accepted. It is probably not added yet. Next time, if you encounter this phrase, you should report it to Contributors so that they could add it into database.


I said Các cái ghế , this should be correct too right? I reported this already.

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    I reported it too, but the authors are not changing it...


    Những chiếc ghế is Bingo


    I was marked wrong too. So it's been three years and nobody's fixed this little glitch.


    FWIW I whinged about this to my gf who is a native Vietnamese speaker, and she said các sounds wrong to her in this case. I wish the course did a better job of teaching which plural words are acceptable in which contexts though.


    Also used các and was marked wrong


    Why is the classifier "chiếc" required here but it is not required in other sentences with "những" (i.e. những cuốn sách)


    my understanding is that cuốn is already a classifier for books so using chiếc and cuốn would be redundant. but chiếc would also not be how you classify books


    Reported 'Các chiếc ghế' as I think it should be accepted - any reaon why it shouldn't ?


    Các and những are interchangeable, according to my wife who is Vietnamese. Like others commented, I also put các and was marked incorrect. Have reported it.


    My determination is "những” could replace “các” in some cases. "Các” is used for the identified plural subject(boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, cats and dogs), but it is not used if the identity of the following noun is inanimate.


    Các cái ghế should be added as an accepted answer.


    why isn't cac cai ghe accepted?

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