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Distribution of question types in lessons

I feel there are not enough questions where you have to translate a phrase from English to the language you're currently learning. It seems to me that Duolingo teaches users more about how to consume the language rather than how to produce it.

I know this is consistent with the idea that the users translate texts from other languages to English, but I find the questions that force a user to be active in a new language to be more beneficial in the long run.

Is there any chance that we will be able control the frequency of each question type in the future?

June 21, 2012



I totally agree. When those kind questions pop up (mostly in the tests), I always feel like I've actually already learned something, and now I can prove it. Translating Spanish into English is a very passive way of learning the language, when it should be active!


Definitely agree with this one, feels like a big difference between recognising spanish words in context and remembering how to put them in a sentence yourself. I imagine there'd be a difference in how well I remember them in the future too.

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